Every GLLP student is required to be part of a team and carry-out a hands-on prototype initiative that connects the personal, relational, and systemic dimensions of change. Learning-by-doing is at the heart of Capstone Projects and design thinking is used as a core problem-solving methodology. Through the projects, students apply the knowledge, skills, methods and tools that they learned during the GLLP program on real life social or environmental challenges.

Project topics vary from reducing package waste across the campus to developing language learning programs for refugees. Project teams are constantly mentored throughout the process and are required to achieve clear project outcomes and deliverables at the end of every semester. Success of the projects is assessed through mentorship meetings and end-of semester presentations.

Student led Projects and details can be found on GLLP Medium Blog.

Our Door is Open: KUmünite

Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable because people care about others’ behaviors and thoughts a lot. The reason for this is because people don’t respect and accept differences. We all prefer to be in our comfort zone rather than being with different people from us. In Koç University, some students are having trouble communicating with others […]

Education for Everyone: Herkes için Eğitim

This project aims to narrow the gaping inequality chasm that persists in education. As a solution to our problem, we created an Instagram page, named @herkesicinegitim, which encompasses basic knowledge ranging from art to basic science. Throughout the ideation stage, we developed three main objectives, namely, accessibility, creating an open source, and the need to […]

Köprü by Grup Gündoğarken

Migration is a phenomenon that has existed throughout human history, and consequences of migration have caused better or worse situations for people based on a lot of factors that cause migration and resulted by migration. While migration has been an enormous impact on people, we experience these impacts at first hand because of the geopolitical […]

Making Sustainability Sustainable: APPLANET

Today, more than ever we are living in a society built upon consumption and pollution. We wanted to change this pessimistic outlook to the future and make people adapt to sustainable lifestyles. We did research and we saw that people gain habits harder and harder when they have to go out of their comfort zones, and […]

Building Sustainable Campus Community by Group KIS

When we started our project as KISs (Sustainable Campus Community),the first thing we did was to determine the values we worked for. We defined the values in five headings as honesty, self-sacrificing approach, empathy, respect and openness to change have gained more importance for us later in the course because we realized that the success […]

Improving the Social Relations Among KU Students by Group Eat & Meet

Our project is to solve the communication problem which exist for a long-term and create a table which can improve the social relations between Koç University students. Koç University seems as a social university, however there exist grouping due to the clubs and organizations in the school. This grouping cause prejudice on people and they […]

Lets make children’s voices heard! by Group Çocukların Sesi

As Cocuklarin Sesi our aim is to make children’s voices heard. If given opportunities we are aware that children are very open to development since they have high level of creativity and are constantly creating. If children are able to perform their full potential and become healthy, productive individuals we would be able to reach […]

Social Integration Project for International Students at KU by Group (SY)MPATHY

Our project aims to create an opportunity for any international student (non-Turkish speaker) to integrate them in our social life and academic life in our university. We want to take a first step to our project with a global kitchen with an Iftar Event. The Iftar is going to create opportunity for the students to […]